Sunday, March 9, 2008

~Payne and Despair~ - Couples Sets - *Released*

More Payne and Despair for the Fallen, Forgotten, Unloved

Released: 03.06.08
Sighting Location: ~the Beach Oblivion~ Ahndang (29,168,23)

12 sets are currently available for those Couples traveling that lonely road from the House of Payne to the Seas of Despair. Among them are 3 sets with 6 NEW poses (the initial release of "Payne and Despair"). The rest are Inventory Selected poses, all preset in pose balls and a platform. Ideal for Photography and the like.

*****Psychopedic Transmission Intercept:............ Incomplete: Image Upload compromised at this time... One ping. One ping only. Come in. Ove..KSSSHT .................?

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