Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Payne and Despair ~Sneak Peak~

New Series Preview ~ Payne and Despair

Inspired by the Pain and Despair of Family departed, Friends lost, Love unrealized. Times like these artists often turn inward, and it is this Pain that can bring a creativity unparalleled. In the encompassing Despair, one's often more receptive to the cries of others, and Music can be a double edged sword of self healing, and sometimes dire consequences.

Payne and Despair ~ These two poses are inspired by the "Somewhere Out There", by Our Lady Peace.

One the left is Despair - "I know your out there"
The Right is Payne - "Falling out of reach, defying gravity"
Picture by Aemilia Case!
Starring Jonny Dusk as "Despair", Aemilia Case as "Payne"

Payne is in an older Queen Bee sit, Despair in a New Pose.

Another beautiful test shot!
These are not out for sale yet, by this weekend there should be a few more and a vendor will drop. Will post here and SL Forums.

Jonny Dusk would like to personally thank Aemilia Case, for all your help and understanding :)

Dog Out ~1!

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